Health Risks Involved with Home Renovation in NY

Health Hazards of DIY Renovation

Being great at DIY is every man’s pride. It comes in handy when you are trying to cut costs and the best part about it is that you always get the results that you want how you want them. However, when it comes to the renovation of your home, you might want to practice a little more caution or better yet spend a little more cash to hire professionals instead of doing it yourself. It is agreeable that this would be an injustice to your DIY skills but what would be more dangerous are the health hazards that you will be exposing yourself and your family to if proper precaution is not taken, Here are some of these health hazards.


Well, this is a common occurrence but given the proportions that one is exposed to when they are conducting a home renovation, it is worth a mention. Not only can dust trigger allergies and cause sneezing, it can also cause hay fever and asthma attacks.


Over the years, there is plenty of mold that could have developed inside the walls given the amount of moisture that is likely to have been caught up in there. Opening up such walls will send spores (which are the reproductive avenue of mold) flying everywhere. Anyone in sight and not in proper gear could develop serious health conditions. Even though having professional mold removal services come over after your home has been flooded could help, it is not easy to tell if the problem between the walls could have been eradicated. The health risks that are caused by mold can be quite adverse especially if one suffers from conditions like Asthma.


Lead materials. 

There are a variety of materials in the house that can be made from lead but the most concerning has to be the lead paint. If the house that you are working on had been built in the 19th century, then there is a good chance that the paint used contained lead. It is particularly hazardous if it is worn out, peeling and chipped. Inhaling or ingesting lead can be detrimental to the neurological development of children under six not to mention the probability of death if one is exposed to the material for long periods and it builds up in the body. Among the health concerns that can be caused by lead include brain and kidney damage overtime and if the levels are too high, seizures and unconsciousness might also occur.


This has to be the single most dangerous product that one has to deal with when conducting home renovations. It is a fibrous material that is usually used for the sake of insulation because it is fire resistant. However, exposure to this material could cause cancer even when one has been exposed to it for a short time and other breathing problems. The most common form of cancer that has been known to be caused by Asbestos is Mesothelioma which is life claiming.


Asbestos on roof

Voltaic Organic Compound (VOC) fumes. 

You may not be exposed to this until the last phase of your renovation project which is the painting. VOC fumes are contained in things like adhesives, coatings and mostly in paint. The volatile nature of these materials make it easy for them to release these fumes that can cause nausea, irritation to the eyes and nerve problems among others.

It is important for you to understand the importance of having the appropriate gear when undertaking such projects and establishing safe working conditions. If not, you should let the professionals handle the situation.


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